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Majichands Massage
Address Ethiopia
Addis Ababa
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Mobile   0977 32 06 40        0927 94 47 45   
Website:   www.ethiomagichands.com 
Company Logo & Description

Our massage Service Moderates both physical and emotional problems. It also helps establish and maintain a good general condition and, at the same time, has healing effects: eases the swollen feet and limb-, waist-, neck-, shoulder- and headache! Enjoy the tranquility of our massage services in the comfort of your home or Hotel room. With “At Your Door Massage Services,” Our staff of licensed massage therapists is the finest in the field and hand-picked to help you relax after a long trip or energize you for a night on the town.can usually have a therapist to you within a couple of hours or less. Our staff of caring licensed massage therapists can help alleviate many of the nagging aches and pains from long hours traveling. Massage is the perfect addition to any corporate event, holiday party or intimate special occasion. To book your appointment call us at: (+251 977320640/+251927944745)for More info please visit our website:-www.ethiomagichands.com thank You for Visiting
Personal & Fitness / Massage Service
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    Overall Rating: 61%

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