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Ethiodanaki Ttours
Address Mekelle City, Tigray, Ethiopia In front of Axum Hotel
Mekelle City
Website:   www.ethiodanakiltours.com 
Company Logo & Description

It’s a travel agent which organizes different kind of trips to all parts of Ethiopia especially to the north and north east of Ethiopia like Danakil depression, Axum and Lalibela churches. We provide group and private trips depending of the available time you have in Ethiopia. And we can assist you with your trip plans and benefits. Although our basic slogan focuses on the satisfaction of customers and the extraordinary of the tourist destination places. It is also brilliant explanation of the culture and the honorable tradition of accepting guests. As soon as you rise above mere survival, the question of meaning and purpose of travelling becomes to stand with as and do the great time value of your life.
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