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Ontonite Trading P.L.C
Address Megenya, Bole
Kebele/Wereda: W-05
Addis Ababa
Postal Code: 18461
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Mobile   0911 07 51 21   
Toll Free:   qq : 1130689099@qq.com
Website:   www.ontonites.com 
Company Logo & Description

Ontonite Trading Private Limited Company is privately owned company (PLC) established and registered in November 2017 under the commercial law of federal democratic of Ethiopia. Ontonite Trading PLC is based in the borders of Addis Ababa, Megenaya. The office is located at the center of the city with the access to ring road and major strategic locations. Highly educated employees for consulting our customers make us stronger and vastly competitive. Ontonite Trading PLC is established with visionary to transfer the country economy from agricultural to industrial era contributing for the development. Ontonite Trading PLC is serving industries as well as medium, small and micro scale enterprises for their raw material & manufacturing needs.
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