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Metropolitan Real Estate Ethiopia
Address Bole, Next to Ukrainian Embassy, Around Friendship Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Addis Ababa
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Mobile   0973 30 30 30       0929 34 61 70   
Website:   adan@investorarizona.com    www.metropolitanaddis.com 
Company Logo & Description

Metropolitan Real Estate PLC, operating in the areas of real estate development, has been contracting to industrial plants, shopping mall projects, luxury real estate apartments and residence home projects all over the world for many years. We extended our services to Ethiopia and in 2008 and built Ayka Textile Factory in Addis Ababa”. During this period we discovered that luxury Ethiopian homes built with modern techniques and quality materials are much need in Addis Ababa; which is why we joyfully joined the real estate industry and become one of the best real estate companies in Ethiopia. Currently, our projects focus on providing luxury houses for sale around Addis Ababa’s prime residential locations like Sarbet and Bole. When it comes to enjoying luxury living, the area your home is located plays an undeniable role. That is why we are intentionally building you homes around areas in close proximity to the best school, hospitals, restaurants, and other services
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