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Haftem Communications P.L.C.
Address Bethlehem Plaza
Kebele/Wereda: 08
Addis Ababa
Postal Code: 27591
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Mobile   0913015839       0923704755   
Fax   01166740047
Website:   www.facebook.com/haftemcom 
Company Logo & Description

Haftem Communications P.L.C. provides Publication, Tourism Promotion, Event Management, Advertising, Public Relations and Publicity services. Its professionals have built strong skills, knowledge and experiences working for various indigenous and international non-government organizations, the media and promotion companies prior to associating to establish Haftem Communications. While the firm’s professionals have remarkable and proven experiences with regard to quality and timely delivery they function under six major departments: Event management, Editorial, Monitoring and Evaluation, Marketing, Finance; and Data Management and Administration. Experts at Haftem Communications P.L.C. are qualified at Master’s level and above in Media and Communication, Foreign Language and Literature, Management and other related fields.
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